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Some Basic Bun Facts to Consider before You Adopt:

Rabbits can live 8 to 10 years.

It is a common misconception that  a rabbit  is a low maintenance pet. In reality,  they require as much work  as a dog or cat.

To truly enjoy a rabbit's unique personality, he should be kept inside the house where he can become a more  meaningful part of the family. This  means  the house  must  be bunny--proofed, and  the rabbit  litter  trained.

Rabbits can be very destructive. Domestic rabbits must  have chew  toys provided; otherwise, they will help themselves to your furniture, electric cords,  and other household items.

Rabbits brought home  with the intention of becoming a child's  pet usually  become the responsibility of the Mom  in the family within 3 weeks. Most of the rabbits  we are asked  to take in are from  homes  with this situation.

Domestic RABBITS are  NOT  disposable animals!

Here is a link to a great article concerning New Bunny Owners.