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Services provided by Rescue Rabbits Rock:


Rescue Rabbits Rock provides a safe haven to abandoned, adused, and neglected domestic rabbits with the goal of adopting them out to loving homes. We also strive to educate the public regarding the joys of having a house rabbit, rabbit behavior and health, as well as the importance of proper diet and care.

If you are interested in adopting one of our rabbits, please fill out an application, found to the right under the forms link, and contact us. Fee for adopting a rabbit are $65.00 for one or $120.00 for a bonded pair.

Surrendering a rabbit:

We charge a $100 surrender fee for any rabbit. We charge $200 surrender fee for bonded pairs. This fee covers full vet exam w/Spay or neuter, and all necesary medications. We guarentee we will provide a safe, happy, loving home for the remainder of their life or until they are carefully screened & adopted into a new home.

Fostering a Bunny:

We rely on Foster homes so we can pull the bunnies out of shelters and get them in a warm safe enviroment ASAP! We will supply cage/Xpen, potty box, Hay, pellets and Bunny! We ask you supply fresh produce from our "menu" and litter (carefresh preferred). Foster folder provided to follow. Most of all they need LOVE.

Grooming/Nail trimming:

Angora Full body shaves (for knotted difficult bunnies) $40.00-60.00 (leave for entire day)

Partial Botton shaves $20.00-$40.00 (1-2 hours)


Stop by any of our adoption events and get your rabbits nails trimmed or help with difficult grooming. Service is FREE but donations are appreciated.

Bunny Sitting:

We offer Bunny sitting in our homes: One bunny $20.00 a day and pairs are $25.00 a day to be paid in advance. *An additional $20.00 a day applies if we need to make house calls. Please use our online boarding request form to reserve your spot. 

Fees to be paid in advance by Paypal link, cash, check or ATM / credit cards

When boarding, you will need to provide:

  • Your bunny’s pellets
  • Your bunny’s hay, if you feed your bunny hay other than oat, timothy, or orchard

(It is never good to change a bunny's diet suddenly.)

If you are boarding with me: 

Please send me the following information about you and your bunny/bunnies.

  • Your bunny's schedule, when s/he eats, what s/he eats, what treats s/he likes and what kind of greens s/he prefers. 
  • The information about where you'll be, your vet, any pertinent information, etc. 
  • Please put in your home address, phone number, cell number and email address. 
  • Tell me what kind of environment your bunny lives in at home: cage, pen, free roam    etc. I will try to keep it as similar as I can     here.

For stays longer than a week, we have a special weekly rate.

Number of Bunnies Daily Rate Weekly Rate
1 $20 $110
2 (in same cage) $25 $130
2 (in separate cages) $35 $210
3-4 (in same pen) $30 $170



We will be happy to help you through the often difficult process of bonding. If you would prefer to have me keep for a 1-3 days, I can!

However, of course, there is a charge of $45.00 per day.

HOUSE CALLS: (Coming to your house to take care of your bunny)

We can come to your house while you are away to feed/clean cage/let bunny out of cage. An additonal $20.00/per day is charges along with the regular boarding fee.