We offer Bunny sitting in our homes: One bunny $15.00 a day and pairs are $20.00 a day to be paid in ADVANCE.  We will also need your authorization to take your rabbit to vet IF needed. Please arrange w/Avian Exotic Clinic (831) 647-1147.

We accept PayPal, Cash, Checks or ATM/Credit cards

For stays longer than a week, we have a special weekly rate.

Number of Bunnies
Daily Rate
Weekly Rate

$15 per day
$100 week

2 (in same cage)
$20 per day
$120 week

2 (in separate cages)
$30 per day
$200 week

3-4 (in same pen)
$25 per day
$150 week

When boarding, you will need to provide:

  • Your bunny’s pellets
  • Your bunny’s hay, if you feed your bunny hay other than oat, timothy, or orchard

(It is never good to change a bunny's diet suddenly.)


Please share some details about your rabbit(s) such as name and age. Also please note any special concerns, needs, or issues regarding your rabbit(s). If none, please write NONE.