Poor SLY ! This beautiful boy was an escapee from a local confiscation - he slithered into the neighbors yard who just happened to be a rabbit owner. She caught this sweet boy and cuddled him. He was scruffy & malnourished and had tattered ears due to battling w/other un-neutered males. Lucky guy that he is, he ended up at Monterey County shelter & we raced out to get him as soon as his "stray period" was up. He is so forgiving, he trusted us immediately, like he knew we were going to keep him safe. Well, we have treated him like a king and he is happy as can be. He has a lot of energy so we assume he is young but fully grown. We neutered & micro-chipped him at AFRP Clinic on 4/11/2017. He LOVES to shred cardboard so start saving boxes if you believe this fella is a possible candidate for your family !