This little boy longs for some serious love! We named him Dracula only because he kicked like no other when we first picked him up. He does NOT ever bite, just dislikes the process of being lifted up off the ground (like most bunnies). He came into our rescue from the Monterey County Animal services along with his sibling, EBONY on Jan. 27, 2017. Both are young males and deserve a reliable family to spoil them. They are sweet & seem grateful. Both are clean, potty box trained & used to cats & vacuums. They love all the greens, hay and treats except Dracula does not like apple! Human will need to be patient at first, as with all new pets, but watching them bloom is truly a rewarding experience. He was neutered on 2/22/2017 at Avian Exotic Clinic. He's sad no one has adopted him yet but he knows his human will come soon.