Momma STELLA, arrived at Salinas City shelter but she couldn't wait before we got there & had 3 tiny babies. We loaded her & babies in the nesting box she had made and put her in our "baby" foster home. All survived beautifully. Baby STETON was the strongest of all, shall we say "Bossy" ?? He kept the family active, always causing trouble LOL. He's a real people friendly baby boy who demands attention. And as he has grown, he's becoming what we call a "FLOP" eared bunny, with one ear falling down (like a lop) and the other remains straight up. Unfortunately, Steton started to have occasional mini seizures approx. once every month. He simply lays on his side & his teeth chatter (approx 20-30 seconds) then he is up & ready to play! We are hopeful he will out grow this but he needs a very special human to be attentive to his needs. He was neutered and micro-chipped at AFRP Clinic on Dec. 21, 2017.